Ukraine villagers claim to see UFO above Novogradovka

Bizarre pattern of lights spotted in formation over Ukraine prompt UFO fears

  • ‘Mysterious lights’ appeared in the sky above a village in south-west Ukraine
  • Locals thought it may be proof of aliens and UFOs visiting the earth 
  • The lights were first seen in formation, before some ‘dropped’ out of the sky 
  • Fortunately for those fearing an alien invasion, there was a natural explanation

Sara Malm for MailOnline

Villagers in south-west Ukraine are claiming to have proof of alien visitors to earth, after spotting strange lights in the sky.

The lights appeared above the village of Novogradovka in south-western Ukraine’s Odessa Oblast this week.

A video shows seven lights in formation, seemingly in the shape of an airplane, but then one of the lights starts to mysteriously drop out of the sky. 

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Mystery: The cluster of lights suddenly appeared in the sky above the village of Novogradovka in south-western Ukraine

Footage was posted online by a local man named Ivan Rusev, who claimed that the objects appeared ‘out of the blue’ at a ‘significant height’ and stayed visible for around 12-15 minutes.

The video was shared on social media in the Ukraine, with some questioning what the mysterious lights were and if they signalled an alien invasion.

Fortunately, there was a natural explanation to the phenomenon. 

You know the drill: It later emerged that the lights were in fact targets used during military drill involving Ukrainian Marines

After the footage stirred UFO rumours online, the Ukrainian army felt compelled to make a statement to calm the situation.

An army spokesman assured residents there was no reason for any concern.

The lights were in fact targets used by Ukrainian Marines during a military drill.

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