Ukraine set to complete construction of new corvette – Ukroboronprom

State-owned defense giant Ukroboronprom and defense companies under its control which are responsible for the manufacture and repair of naval equipment have developed a plan for the completion of construction of a new corvette, according to Ukroboronprom CEO Serhiy Omelchenko.

“Indeed, the renewal of the Ukrainian Naval fleet is an important task,” Omelchenko told Pryamiy TV channel.

Speaking of the prospects for the manufacture of the new warship, the official recalled that its construction had begun at one of the private shipyards, which later went bankrupt.

“But Ukroboronprom and enterprises that are part of it, responsible for the creation and repair of marine equipment, have developed a plan to complete the corvette construction,” said Omelchenko.

According to the Ukroboronprom CEO, now the Cabinet of Ministers is considering the question of which particular enterprise will be finishing the works, based on the requirements of the Naval Forces, as well as the question of the model to be chosen.

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After the decision is made, the state concern will be ready to start the construction.

The Project 58250 Corvette is a promising multi-purpose warship developed by the Mykolayiv State Enterprise Research and Design Center for Shipbuilding for the needs of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

The project development was completed in 2008, and the construction of the first ship began in May 2011, while the launch was originally scheduled for 2012.

The shipyard planned to build up to 12 warships until 2026, including four set to become part of the Ukrainian Naval fleet by 2021. Subsequently, the production target was reduced to just four units.

Since that time, the deadlines were repeatedly postponed; in 2017, officials announced the intention to deliver the first ship in 2022.