Ukraine could produce new generation tank

“Nota” main battle tank could in the coming years become a prominent project of the Ukrainian defense industry in the coming years. This project remains classified despite earlier plans to showcase the new machine sample at an Independence Day military parade.

Reports say at least 10 samples of this model have been produced since the times Ukraine and Russia cooperated on the project long before the start of Russian aggression in Crimea and Donbas, Dilova Stolytsia reports referring to

Serhiy Berezutsky, an expert on armored vehicles at Science Technology Company, who once took part in the development of the tank, says Saudi Arabia has been interested in this armored vehicle for the last 10 years.

It is logical that today, after the implementation of the Thai contract for the production of “Oplot-T” MBTs by Kharkiv Malyshev Plant it should be possible to undertake a new project, besides fulfilling a state order for 10 Oplots.

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The Nota hull was set to be built according to the traditional scheme, but with the placement of the entire crew under the protection of the sides and roof. Aiming for more automation in control and preparation for the shot, the design team also worked to ensure that the front part of the hull had a 1m thick armor and sides with comprehensive protection applying five different means, including both dynamic and active protection.

The Nota is equipped with a 152mm cannon, while Ukrainian military expert Serhiy Zgurets believes it can be replaced with a NATO-standard 140mm cannon.

Also, the project envisaged sights with various optical and thermal channels, a satellite navigation system, and target recognition tools. Moreover, designers planned to create means of radio control.

Zgurets wrote that the project requires upgraded on-board equipment made using modern element base.

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It is worth recalling that since the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine has faced constant problems with the manufacture of tank barrels. After receiving a contract for 49 Oplots struggled with the production of smooth-bore tank guns. It was Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Tool Plant which undertook their production.

With the beginning of the Russian aggression, the company began manufacturing barrels for mortars, and last year, a 155mm self-propelled Bohdana artillery gun with a Ukrainian rifled barrel was presented.

Given the break-up of military-technical cooperation with the Russians, the Nota project will have to undergo changes. New optical electronic systems will be needed, as well as control system electronics and other gear. In the future, part of the components, such as protection systems, a system of optical electronic countermeasures against guided weapons, and barrels will be made in Ukraine.

On electronics, cooperation is also possible with Polish companies. But this will take time and money. If Ukraine succeeds in attracting funding from Saudi Arabia, as was the case with the Hrim-2, the country could achieve promising results.