Pregnant survivor of Ukrainian crash finds baby unharmed

A pregnant woman who survived last month’s horror crash which saw a Ukrainian heiress ploughed into pedestrians, has woken from a 24-day coma to be told her miracle unborn baby is healthy.

Zhanna Vlasenko suffered head injuries and a broken pelvis when glamorous oligarch’s daughter Alyona Zaitseva, 20, ran a red light and rammed into a crowd in Kharkiv, killing six people.

Miraculously, her unborn child was unhurt in the carnage of a crash that shocked the world after videos of the incident went viral online.

Survivor: Zhanna Vlasenko, 30, suffered head injuries and a broken pelvis when oligarch’s daughter Alyona Zaitseva ran a red light and rammed into a crowd in Kharkiv

Mrs Vlasenko’s mother Raisa Bromot, 50, today called for Zaitseva to face a life sentence after racing through a red light at almost twice the 37 mph speed limit.

‘My daughter is talking, and she feels well,’ said Mrs Bromot. ‘Thank God the baby is fine.

‘Zhanna is not allowed to stand up yet and doctors are not making any long term forecasts about her, but we hope she will recover well and quickly. She hardly remembers anything about that crash.’

She told reporters: ‘I think Zaitseva is fully responsible for it. She was flying in her car and the traffic lights were red.

‘I want just one sort of punishment for her – a life sentence.’

Video footage shows the moment  Alyona Zaitseva comes speeding through a junction and hitting a Volkswagen, which sent her Lexus spinning into pedestrians

Shocking images showed bodies lying on the ground after the deadly crash (pictured)

Mrs Vlasenko, an online travel agent, was put into an induced coma because of the threat to the baby in the aftermath of the accident.

During to her pelvic injuries, she will give birth by Caesarean, say doctors.

Zaitseva was detained in the aftermath of the 18 October crash amid a criminal investigation into death by dangerous driving when her Lexus ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians waiting to cross a busy city centre street.

Her multi-millionaire father Vasily is reported to be offering compensation to bereaved families and the injured.

His move – which could cost £1 million – is seen as a controversial attempt to reduce or nullify any jail sentence for his daughter who was reported to have had a history of driving violations.

Miracle: Mrs Vlasenko, pictured on her wedding day, has woken from a 24-day coma to be told that her unborn child survived the crash

Punishment: Mrs Vlasenko’s mother Raisa Bromot, 50, pictured with her daught and her husband, has called for Zaitseva to face a life sentence

A glamorous 20-year-old heiress has been detained after she ‘jumped a red light and rammed into a crowd killing six’, say police

She was seen in tears when a judge ordered her to be detained pending a trial.

‘On our knees we are asking families of the perished and injured in this horrific road accident to forgive our daughter,’ he said.

His wife Tatiana, 40, said: ‘We are asking families of perished and injured in this horrific accident for forgiveness.’

However Mrs Vlasenko’s family denied being contacted by the oligarch’s representatives.

The driver of a VW Touareg which was hit by the Lexus before it crashed into the pedestrians was detained last week.

Gennady Dronov, 49, wounded in the crash, was accused or edging forward on a yellow light moments before the crash.

The scene of a fatal road accident in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Ukraine

His detention is controversial in Ukraine because Zaitseva’s father had publicly called for police to investigate him, and an MP warned he could be made a scapegoat for the crash.

‘I was focused on the crossing for pedestrians and did not expect that somebody may drive at such a high speed when lights were red,’ said Dronov.

Relatives of the bereaved have angrily rejected offers of financial compensation.

But the father of victim

Diana Berchenko, 22, buried in a bridal gown because she would never have a wedding day, furiously rejected the offer.

‘Nobody will bring us back our Diana,’ Igor Berchenko, 55. ‘I can’t say more than that.

‘What do I need this compensation for? What should I buy with their money – shoes or trainers, or….?

‘What kind of compensation are we talking about?’

Another bereaved woman Lyudmila Farbis – who lost her daughter and granddaughter Alla and Anastasia Sokol aged 46 and 19 – refused to meet the heiress’s mother.

‘I did not want to meet her. We want nothing from them, no money can compensate the loss of both my girls.’