Murder victim’s father blows up a Ukrainian courtroom

Murder victim’s father BLOWS UP courtroom with two grenades, killing himself and one defendant in Ukrainian court

  • Murder victim’s dad ‘died on the spot after the explosion’, according to police
  • He also killed one of the defendants after detonating hand grenades in court
  • Ten wounded including three defendants, two court officers and two others
  • It happened at a courtroom in Nikipol, a Ukrainian city in Dnipropetrovsk area

Iain Burns For Mailonline

Dnipropetrovsk Region Police Department said the father ‘died on the spot after the explosion’

The father of a murder victim has killed himself and one defendant after detonating two hand grenades during his son’s trial today.

Nine other people were hurt after the devastating blast in Ukraine.   

It occurred in the city of Nikopol, about 150 miles from the separatist east of the country, during the trial of several men accused of killing two people in 2016, according to a statement from regional police.     

During the hearing, the father of one of the victims pulled out and detonated two hand grenades.

Police said the father ‘died on the spot after the explosion’. 

Later a police spokesman confirmed the death of the second person – one of the defendants – after he was taken to hospital.

The spokesman added that a total of nine people were wounded, including the defendants, court personnel and guards.

In horrific pictures of the scene, blood can be seen splattered on the floor amid debris and signs of burning. 

The blast was so powerful that it almost took a door off its hinges and left a TV screen smashed. 

It also appeared to have smashed windows at the court, with pictures showing blinds from inside hanging outside.  

Police said: ‘The man died on the spot after the explosion. Three defendants, two convoy officers, a court employee and a civilian were injured. All victims were taken to hospital’

They added that all the victims were taken to hospital. Pictured: The courtroom after the detonation

Paramedics could also be seen carrying victims away on a stretcher after the shocking incident. 

The tragedy highlights the arms trafficking problem in Ukraine since the conflict between Russian-backed rebels and Kiev army erupted in April 2014 in the country’s east and has since then killed more than 10,000 people.

In November, Kiev police said two men were detained after 6.5 kilogrammes of explosives were found hidden in a car that was parked near a shopping centre in a densely populated area on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital. 

The explosions ripped through the courtroom, almost taking a door of its hinges (left) and smashing a TV screen (right)

The courts windows were smashed out by the blast, which killed the perpetrator and left seven others wounded 

Also this month, in the eastern war-torn Donetsk region police intercepted a car that was illegally carrying hundreds of cartridges and six hand grenades.

Security forces in southern Odessa region have also announced the arrest of a man suspected of trafficking weapons from the conflict zone.          

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