Industry accounts for the largest share of jobs in Ukraine

In particular, the number of people employed in the country’s steelmaking industry grew by 0.5% to 189,700, the Ukrainian online news outlet Obozrevatel said on February 8, citing the Ukrainian-based GMK Center’s data.

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At the same time, from January to December 2018, the total number of full-time employees in Ukraine decreased by 1.1%, to 7.597 million people. The number of those employed in the industry fell by 1.3%, to 1.846 million people as of the beginning of 2019.

Some 1.375 million people were employed in the education sector; 907,100 in the healthcare sector and social assistance. Some 761,600 people worked for wholesale and retail trade, repairing of vehicles, while 638,200 people were employed in the transport sector, warehousing, provided postal and courier services.

Some 457,400 people worked in the government sector, defense, social security; 419,800 were employed in agriculture, forestry, fishery, 179,200 in construction; 167,800 in finance and insurance. Some 235,000 employees were engaged in research, scientific and engineering activity; 171,200 provided administrative and auxiliary support; 142,000 worked for such sectors as arts, sports, entertainment, leisure; and 115,100 were employees of IT and telecoms companies. Some 84,900 people worked in the real estate sector; 70,400 were engaged in hospitality and catering; 26,200 people provided other services.

The share of employees in the steelmaking industry remained at 2.5% in the general structure of employment in Ukraine. Average wages in the industry in 2018 rose by 29% to UAH 12,496 (US$464), according to the State Statistics Service.

Industrial companies ranked among the TOP 100 taxpayers in Ukraine, having paid a large amount in taxes to the national budget. Average wages in the steelmaking industry also increased in the past year. The increase was more than 30%.