CCTV footage shows thief fall off a pushchair in Ukraine

CCTV shows the moment idiot thief discovers why standing on a pushchair at the top of a concrete staircase isn’t a brilliant idea

  • The hooded criminal was captured balancing on top of the buggy in Ukraine
  • Hilarious footage shows him struggling to disable camera with pair of pliers
  • He then tumbles down the apartment block’s concrete stairs in Sinelnikovo 

Sebastian Murphy-bates For Mailonline

This is the moment a thief made a total mess of disabling an apartment block CCTV camera while perched on a buggy that sent him tumbling down a staircase.

The man covers his head with a hood and searches through his bag while positioning a pushchair under the camera – and at the top of concrete stairs.

Tool in hand, he then clambers onto the pram and looks directly into the lens, before reaching back into his bag in the footage from Sinelnikovo, Ukraine.

His search grows more frantic as he uses the wall to hold himself steady, before letting go through his bag with both hands.

He eventually produces a pair of pliers, grabs hold of the wall once more and makes a move to sabotage the camera.

The thief perches on top of a buggy while holding tools to disable the apartment block’s CCTV camera

But in his eagerness the would-be vandal’s feet start to drift backwards – as the buggy’s wheels push toward the eight steps behind him.

Attempting to salvage some dignity, the man puts one hand out to stop his face crashing into the concrete.

He strains to reach the camera while stood on top of the pushchair, which is positioned at the top of a staircase 

He’s less than composed as half of his body sprawls down the staircase and he is left picking himself off the floor.

Confused as to what could possibly have gone wrong, the man gingerly inspects the pram and places it back at the top of the steps.

The buggy slides down the concrete steps, taking the thief with it as he crashes face-down into the concrete

The video from October 21 then jumps forward to show his frantic face as he struggles to grasp the camera.

Eventually the video cuts out as the criminal manages to cut the wire and the signal dies. 


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